Complete control and offline access

Why CalorieKing?

CalorieKing's food database is designed set the standard for accuracy while being simple to use. It's continually updated to meet the needs of health professionals and consumers alike.

Benefits of the data license

  • Full control
  • Implement your own algorithms
  • Offline apps


  • No duplicate foods

    Find the food you're looking for once!

  • Nutrients

    Comprehensive coverage of the nutrients most people want to know about.

  • Up-to-date

    We update the CalorieKing food database continually.

  • Verified

    We employ a systematic process continually to minimize errors in our database.

  • Full control

    Build your own logic with direct access to the database.

  • Multi region

    Localized databases for the United States and Australia with more to come.

  • Tags

    Build complex logic using tags to identify foods.

  • Offline

    Build products that don't need Internet access.

  • Restaurants

    Extensive coverage of fast-food chains and restaurants.

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