CalorieKing has more experience in curating food data than anyone else, period.

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If you've spent much time around people living with t1 or t2 diabetes, you know that each of them have tools they can't do without. For many, one of those tools is a pocket-sized food bible of sorts, The CalorieKing Calorie, FAT & Carbohydrate Counter ("the Book"). The Book was born in the 1970's, before most "app" developers were born, and is a reflection of its editor Allan Borushek's 40 years of experience in clinical nutrition and weight control. It continues year after year as the best-selling book of calorie counts in the U.S.

The foods included in the book are drawn from the CalorieKing food database. More than any other food database, pharmaceutical companies, dietitians, and certified diabetes educators rely on CalorieKing to help customers, clients and patients manage weight and weight-related chronic conditions.

For CalorieKing, updates to our database are not optional. Out-of-date carb figures, for example, can have clinical repercussions for persons with diabetes who need to accurately calculate their insulin dosage based on an estimate of carbohydrate intake. While no food database is ever completely accurate, CalorieKing does its best to maintain the most accurate and useful database available. Health app developers must prepare to do likewise.

CalorieKing has always recognized that individuals choose a health app for very personal reasons. We also know that ethnic influences, religious tradition, dietary knowledge, health status and many other things affect the usability of a health app. So we have added features to the database that allow us to tag foods that may be of interest to a particular population with shared behaviors, beliefs, traditions or special needs. We will continue to increase the power of our food database to meet the needs of diverse populations.

CalorieKing's objective is to help our partners address population health effectively. We believe this is be consistent with the objective to build the most effective health software possible. If your product must meet the needs of both consumers and healthcare professionals then CalorieKing should be your partner for food data.